Roberts Inc is capable of
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most conveyancing firms can only
project in theory.
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Rapid and efficient property transfers, ensuring fluid proactive processes with live-feedback, including all requisite and additional ancillary services accorded to our supporting agents and clients.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Eye-level encounters with counterparts, bringing to the fore sophisticated and prevailing problem solving on the strength of thousands of successfully concluded disputes with a widened variety of origins.

Mission Statement

Roberts Inc is a principled business.

Our clientele comprises of ambitious result-driven persons / companies, because we dispossess complacency, and adopt a well-rounded troubleshooting approach together with our supporting Clients’ input and guidance (on top of our resource-dense network). Built upon a once nascent idea into a conveyancing firm that proactively operates with a registration-centered approach having successfully disposed of countless matters, we understand that the legal world is a sensory one. For that, you do not need a property transferring company limited to that ability alone, only with a few byproduct abilities sundry to conveyancing. You need to partner up with Roberts Inc, “your legal partner.”

Our conveyancing process has its proven record and is held at an unreachably high standard; a standard that we set ourselves.

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Our Services



Rapid and efficient property transfers, ensuring fluid proactive processes with live-feedback, including all services.


Eye-level encounters with counterparts, bringing to the fore sophisticated and prevailing problem solving.

Contract Law

Drafting and vetting of contracts, advanced or rudimentary, providing maximum protection permitted in law.

Property Law

Multifaceted approach(es) toward modern problems within property-related matters.


Drafting, vetting, registration of Trust Deeds, advising on layered structuring, permitting maximum protection in law.

Mediation & Arbitration

Mediation, arbitration between disputing parties in reaching resolve metabolizing the facts and law with experience.

Frequently Asked

If you have any questions for us, make contact and start the relationship-building process together with us and learn about our company and what its like to commercially partner up with Roberts Inc. Here are some frequently asked questions to assist you.
Why use Roberts Inc?
Roberts Inc is the quickest, most proactive, hardened, capable and motivated transferring firm of its kind. Sellers and buyers are treated with utmost respect at all times. Our communications are both deliberate in nature and comforting. We set our own high standards. Roberts Inc has litigated in over 35 courts nationwide, successfully, for many large companies.
Does Roberts Inc provide training?
Absolutely – we provide one-on-one and group training for introductory and advanced purposes – we are able to provide CPD (continuous professional development) training for the Estate Agents Affairs Board, as well as digital marketing training.
What is a conveyancer and when will I need one?

A conveyancer is a legal professional that assists you in completing and providing advice in any property transaction. Your conveyancer is responsible for acting on your behalf in relation to the legal side of your property transaction.

These transactions may include:

  • Selling or buying a property;
  • Transferring property;
  • Plans of subdivisions; and
  • Bond registration and cancellation.
What are the three basic types of dispute resolution?

Mediation: a structured, interactive process where an impartial third party assists disputing parties in resolving conflict through the use of specialized communication and negotiation techniques. All participants in mediation are encouraged to actively participate in the process, and we can assist in the mediation exercise.

Arbitration: a procedure in which a dispute is submitted, by agreement of the parties, to one or more arbitrators who make a binding decision on the dispute. In choosing arbitration, the parties opt for a private dispute resolution procedure instead of going to court. Arbitration is consensual, and we can assist in the arbitration exercise.

Litigation: is the act or process of bringing a lawsuit in and of itself; a judicial contest; any dispute.

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Our Professional Team Members

David B Roberts - Chief Executive Officer
David B. Roberts
Chief Executive Officer
Xandre Groenewald - Head of Marketing
Xandre Groenewald
Head of Marketing
Mershia Aube - Senior Conveyancing Paralegal
Mershia Aude
Senior Conveyancing Paralegal
Monique Nunes - Conveyancing Secretary
Monique Nunes
Conveyancing Secretary
Lizelle Van Dyk - Head of Finance
Lizelle Van Dyk
Head of Finance
Lauren Reed - Administration
Lauren Reed
Ava Roberts - Chief Operations Officer
Ava Roberts
Chief Operations Officer

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • After more than thirty years in the profession, it is rare to encounter a commercially minded responsive and constructive counterpart of your calibre. It has been a pleasure dealing with David Roberts.
    David Hertz
    Chariman of Werksmans
  • I enjoyed working with David, given the circumstances. He’s relaxed, confident and to the point. His “get it done” attitude is a value I appreciate in a time like that. He’s pro-active and communicative. I never had to wait on where I stand. He doesn't over promise, and certainly doesn’t under deliver.
    Henré Rossouw
  • In my recent experience through various property transactions. Roberts Inc. should be proud of their team as a whole. Their expertise and professionalism is obvious in every interaction. Just such a good experience working with the team.
    Grant Smee
    Managing Director, Only Realty
  • It’s a smooth, effortless and problem free experience dealing with Roberts Inc.
    Joseph Meyerson
    Apex Property Group
  • It’s always very interesting watching Roberts Inc. work on our clients’ transfers. The way they manoeuvre and passion they project is quite something. We found our preferred conveyancing attorneys, and would recommend them to anyone else.
    Anton Norscia
    Founder/Owner, Solid Ground Construction
  • Based on my own experience and feedback received from my team I would like to tell you that we have found Roberts Inc to be massively passionate about our business and fully committed to providing world class support and turn around. An absolute pleasure to deal with you guys.
    Clinton Martle
    Managing Director, Seeff Blouberg
  • I’ve been in the Real Estate business collectively for 22 years & have experienced many transferring attorneys offering exceptional services. After a personal meeting with David Roberts & being exposed to the level of service that his company delivered superseded all of the others time & time again. Call them so that you can thank me…You’re Welcome.
    Shirley Berry
    Sales Coordinator, Darling Properties
  • David Roberts van Roberts Incorporated bied die volmaakte mengsel van professionalisme en persoonlike aandag. Roberts Inc gee werklik om vir hulle kliente en behaal uitstekende resultate. Dit is ’n plesier om besigheid met David en sy span te doen. Hulle is beslis meer as net prokureurs en aktevervaardigers.
    Morris Pieterse
    Principal, Atlantic Beach Properties
  • I’m a Real Estate agent in Blouberg and I have received exceptional service and support from Roberts Inc. over the last several years. They take incredible care in ensuring our clients are happy and taken care of, and from my own experience there is ALWAYS someone available to assist me. Roberts Inc also holds the record (to my knowledge) for one of the FASTEST turn around times for lodging a property transfer, I have ever seen. From receiving instruction to lodging, only took them 7 Days!!! Roberts Inc is exceptional in every way! Thank you for everything Roberts Inc!
    Jean-Pierre Robak
    Seeff Blouberg
  • First of all I want to say thank you for your excellent service and for always keeping us in the loop. Your level of professionalism is next level. Your service is top notch! Thank you!
    Edward Bronkhorst
    JP4 Properties
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